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ArthroActive is an Advanced Joint Support supplement designed based on scientific research with research-backed ingredients.

ArthroActive is designed to help you with:
  • Pain & Inflammation Relief
  • Cartilage Regeneration & Strength
  • Joint Healing & Support
  • Joint Lubrication & Mobility

I’m Alex Mayfield, the Head of Product Research at Cellular Research Institute. I’m so certain that ArthroActive will be a positive change in your life, that I want to offer you this product at no risk to yourself. If you aren’t completely satisfied within 90 days of your purchase, I’ll give you back every dime of your money. Just return all the bottles, whether they’re still sealed, full, or even completely empty, and I’ll refund your purchase completely. There’s absolutely no risk to you.

1 Month Supply

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2 Month Supply
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3 Month Supply
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How do I take Arthroactive?

Take 2 tablets daily on an empty stomach with a glass of water, or as directed by your doctor.

How is Arthroactive different from other joint supplements?

We at Cellular Research Institute, the creators of Arthroactive, believe that quality ingredients backed by scientific research will lead to your results. When we developed Arthroactive we did so keeping mind the real need for taking a joint supplement, we Identified that to be:

  • joint pain relief
  • inflammation relief
  • increased mobility
  • regeneration, and
  • Improved joint strength
  • We took these ideals to our research board, and discovered the best ingredients, herbs and natural compounds to address each of these aspects for your joints. We then developed a formula combining all the essential ingredients based on research and same dosages to create Arthroactive.

    Our product is always formulated, manufactured, and shipped in the USA. Many supplements lose potency and effectiveness because they come from overseas and sit in warehouses or on store shelves for years. Our product is “born” in America and makes a direct trip to your house from our fulfillment center adjacent to our lab in Utah. We never let our stock sit on the shelf, and we only develop enough product to fulfill demand.

    Our facilities are FDA registered, follow cGMP standards, and we ship your order same day when possible.

    Who Should Take Arthroactive?

    Arthroactive is most beneficial for those between 45-70+ years wise with inflamed, stiff joints with minor joint aches or pain. Those who are looking to regain their joint mobility, and increase mobility, as well as those concerned with their joint health and would like to keep joints at their most optimal state. Arthroactive can also be good for athletes who are looking to boost and maintain their joint in a healthy state.

    Is Arthroactive safe?

    Arthroactive is an all natural health supplement product made from natural ingredients, and we have discovered no customer reports of side effects. It is still always suggested to consult your doctor before you start any supplement program to determine what kind of regimen is right for you.

    How does the 90-Day Guarantee work?

    If you are not 100% satisfied with Arthroactive, for any reason, simply ship your used and unused bottles back within 90 days of purchase for a full refund. Shipping and handling is non-refundable. You can call our support line and they’ll walk you through the refund process.

    Do you have an auto-bill program?

    No. We will never auto-bill or auto-ship you our product.

    How do I take Arthroactive?

    Take 2 tablets daily on an empty stomach with a glass of water, or as directed by your doctor.

    Do I get a tracking number with my order?

    Yes. Your order is shipped out within 24 hours, Monday – Friday. Your tracking number is emailed to you as soon as the product is shipped out. All orders are filled and shipped the same business day when possible, most customers have their product in 4-7 days.