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"Only thing I've tried that kept me up with the grandkids"

- Adam in Phoenix, AZ

My name is Adam and I’m 63 years old. I've tried just about every joint pain thing there is. drugs, pills, those velcro knee straps things... bag of frozen peas. This is the only thing I've tried that kept me up with my grandkids. Take a few every day, doesn't work all at first, but it gets there. You don't know it works until you wake up one morning and swing your legs over the mattress to get out of bed and you realize your knees don’t hurt.

*Individual Results May Vary

"it's been the only thing that showed a significant decrease in pain and improvement in range of motion. "

- Isabelle in Chicago, IL

I've had joint pain for a few years... It started with a few aches, then it eventually felt like I was driving nails into my knee whenever I walked. I tried everything everyone suggested and nothing worked. I tried arthroactive and it's been the only thing that showed a significant decrease in pain and improvement in range of motion. I can almost keep up with my 7 year old niece again.

*Individual Results May Vary

"3 weeks of arthroactive and the pain is gone"

- Rhonda in Los Angeles, CA

I have popping joints and shoulder pain, I'm 44 years old woman, worked out for 20+ years and my joints began to crack and pop like graham crackers when I squatted. 3 weeks of arthroactive and the pain is gone, the cracking is still there but significantly less, and I feel great.

*Individual Results May Vary

"I'm a firefighter... Arthroactive saves my life"

- Luis in Los Angeles, CA

"I'm an active duty firefighter and my joints are hell. Arthroactive saves my life so I can save lives. I can't begin to tell you how crazy my job can be, but you can probably imagine just looking at us. Everything I wear is heavy, everything I carry is heavy, and everywhere I go is hot! Once a guy like me gets on the other side of 30, you know all that jumping through burning building stuff starts to add up. There's a pretty good reason firefighters have great retirement plans, it takes longer for a house to burn down than it does for our joints to wear out. I take arthroactive every day, because it's the only thing I've found that works and it's the only thing I can depend on. I don't get to pop pain relief drugs and just feel loopy whenever I want, I need a real solution because I jump around on trucks and knock down walls in burning houses all day. My knees don’t get to pick when I quit."

*Individual Results May Vary

"ten days to start to feel the difference, three weeks later practically no pain"

- James in Santa Fe, NM

I was using another brand of glucosamine and chondroitin for years, but when it disappeared from amazon I switched to arthroactive. I have arthritis in all the usual problem spots...feet, hands, back. It really worked, took about ten days to start to feel the difference, three weeks later practically no pain. If I stop using for a couple months, the pain comes back. I will definitely keep using it.

*Individual Results May Vary

"The Short Version Of This Story Is That This Stuff Works"

- Archie in Aspen, Colorado

The short version of this story is that this stuff works. The long version is that I'm a big 6'4" 300lb guy, and I'm a nightclub bouncer. On some nights, people throw bottles at me. On other nights, I throw people out of the club. I know every cop in town and I've been punched in the face a lot, even for a 42 year old. But the only thing that's the same every night is that I stand outside a door in the cold, with my big 6'4" frame crushing my knees. I know it's kind of a joke for a 42 year old guy to be a bouncer, but I did some really dumb stuff as a kid that's kept me from getting a real job for a long time, and this job isn't bad. The only people complaining are my knees, and I've got Arthroactive for that. It's cheaper to take this stuff every day than it is to stand outside the club and pop tylenols.

*Individual Results May Vary

"The Real Difference With Arthroactive Is That They Actually Try."

- Melissa in Columbus, OH

I have tried almost all of these joint relief supplements and most of them are all the same, they all take your money and run and they disappear, whether their stuff works or not... And then I'm sitting there on amazon trying to find another thing that's exactly like it, or just close enough. The real difference with Arthroactive is that they actually try. If you call the number, you get a human every time. If they ship you something wrong, they fix it. I've got mixed results from a bunch of other stuff I've taken over the years, but I keep coming back and buying Arthroactive because it works, and because they’re still here picking up the phone.

*Individual Results May Vary

"Feel like I could start again"

- Todd in Ventura, CA

I used to work in marketing for a company that made skateboard parts. It was pretty great, I skated, my kids skated, we had all the screws and wheels and stuff we could ever use, we were a family of skaters. Only one problem- I kept skating. Most kids eventually stop at some point in their teens when they get into student athletics in high school because their coaches make them quit so they don't get hurt, but people that keep skating... They just screw up their joints and become old guys on disability. That’s what happened to me at least. I don't skate anymore because I'm 50 now, but I've been taking Arthroactive for a few months now and I feel like I could start again... I won't, because now that I've got my joints back I don't want to ruin them by skating, but I could.

*Individual Results May Vary

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